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Code of Conduct

Glendale Soccer Association is an entirely volunteer run, non-profit association that is passionate about the game of soccer. We strive to provide a safe, positive, enjoyable soccer experience for everyone in our community.

Players, coaches, and families that stress winning are encouraged to join a competitive league. 

Players, coaches, and families that participate in Glendale Soccer are expected to adhere to the following Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in loss of the right to participate.

Player Expectations:

1. Be respectful of other players, coaches and families at all times.
2. Show support for your teammates.
3. Play and act fairly during all practices and games.
4. Learn and abide by the rules of Glendale Soccer.
5. Be generous in winning and graceful in defeat.
6. Gracefully accept the rulings of officials.
7. Support teammates, coaches, and the Glendale Soccer Association.
8. Never engage in any violent or aggressive behavior which could injure another person.
9. If you have nothing positive to say, say nothing at all.

Coach Expectations:

1. Abide by the same expectations as the players (see above).|
2. Set an example of fair play and good sportsmanship, such as shaking hands with other players and coaches after every game.
3. Avoid stressing winning and losing as a barometer of success, and instead focus on learning and player development.
4. Be positive in your comments to players on both teams and officials.
5. Remember that most coaching should be done at practice. Use minimal direction during the game -- let them play.
6. Stress player safety at all times.
7. Accept responsibility for your own actions and those of your teams.
8. Submit to a standard on-line background check and complete all safety courses, in accordance with state and federal laws.

Parent Expectations:

  1. Abide by the same expectations as the coaches (see above).

  2. Be positive supporters of all players, coaches, and teams.

  3. Parents should sit on the opposite sideline from players/coaches.

  4. Do not “coach” from the sidelines; “cheer” instead. Players have enough to think about without lots of parents yelling at the same time.

  5. Support your coach by offering to organize snacks or a special team outing, paint fields during practice or help pick up cones/flags.

    Please remember everyone has an important role: Players play, coaches coach, referees referee, and parents cheer. These roles do not overlap.

Glendale Soccer Association

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