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Licenses and Certifications

Glendale Soccer Association is a proud member of Indiana Soccer and US Youth Soccer.  Through their local and nationwide programs many of the following licenses and certifications are free or reimbursable.  We also have (1) basic level youth coaching class at the beginning of each season.  

The US Soccer coaching US Soccer Coaching Pathway had been revised as of January 17, 2018. For all future coaching education coursework, a coaching candidate will be required to create a Coaching Profile (free) in the US Soccer Digital Coaching Center. Click on this link to create your profile.

We strongly encourage every coach to take the 20-minute introductory module after you create your profile. This will show you the new pathway developed by US Soccer. Then you can register for courses they have online and in-person for 4v4, 7v7, 9v9, and 11v11 which corresponds to U6/U8, U10, U12, and U14 & up. 

When you take one of the courses, Glendale Soccer will put $50 into your account and can be used for future registrations.

If you take additional courses towards earning your D License we will grant one free registration upon the completion of:

·         Two in-person courses (one of which must be the 11v11)
·         One online course across any of the four levels (4v4, 7v7, 9v9, 11v11)

If you go on to complete the D Level License, Glendale will give you free registration for life.

Please send your Certificate of completion to James Miles or Dennis Wimer for your credit.

Click on the icon logo links below to find out more and start your coaching journey....



Indiana Soccer offers local classes for the National D and C courses plus several other courses.  They have a link to the US Soccer Introduction to Grassroots Soccer Online License course.



National Soccer Coaches of America Association (NSCAA) offers several online and weekend coaching courses including a "Foundations of Coaching" course developed as an introduction to coaching the sport and youth athletes for the first time.  Glendale Soccer will reimburse $25 for the cost of taking this course, just email us your certificate.

Coaching Clinics

Glendale Soccer offers a basic coaching clinic at the beginning of each season for new parent coaches.  Go to our current calendar page for upcoming dates.  This is typically a one-hour session in which we review pointers and lessons learned for coaching your own kids and keeping it fun.  At the clinic, we run several practice sessions with the coaches and their kids to demonstrate examples to help avoid pitfalls to help make you a prepared coach.  Below are links and some general notes from our clinics.

Sample Team Intro Email

Tips for Fun Practice

US Youth Soccer U6-U8 Practice Plans

US Youth Soccer U10 Practice Plans

Coach Clinic Notes

Concussion Procedure and Protocol

Parents Guide



Have parents attend first practice, have parent meeting – see if anyone can help you with communication, snacks, painting field, practice, etc.  Explain your coaching style, goals – are you win or die – or more concerned about kids having fun & learning?  This will set tone for the season and start the contract between you/parents/players.

Do an ice breaker name game at the first practice.

Be a kid – joke around, get to know the kids.

Catch them doing it right – it’s easy to see the mistakes, but harder to focus on positives and rewards for doing it right.

Don’t make them be afraid to fail – you have to fail to get better.  Encourage them to experiment and try new things.

If you’re new to soccer, treat this as an opportunity to learn alongside your child.

No Lines, Laps, or Lectures.


Dribbling around, ball control skills, no pressure – do your best, you only get better by practicing – that’s why we are here.  Every kid should have a ball, maximum touches.

Sample – Dribbling around, ball control skills, pass & move


U6 – Focus on dribbling

U8 – Passing / Receiving, Defense, Shooting

U10 – Start to work as a team or in groups

U12 – Learn Rules, formations, working together as a unit


After warm-up you might introduce theme and review technique – for example passing with the inside of the foot or dribbling with laces

Sample Activities – Gate Ball, Gate Keepers, Knockout, Shooting in Three

Simple Activities – 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 tournaments – team up strong and weaker players

Sample Games – Hospital Tag, Sharks & Minnows,

Better to have too many activities – I like to change the activity before it gets stale, leave them wanting more – it is a good game or activity when you hear – awe…. When you stop it.

End practice with a scrimmage – every kid enjoys scrimmage.  See if they demonstrate what you worked on – encourage them!  Nice pass Katie!  This will go much further than telling Katie – ‘why didn’t you pass it’ or ‘where was that pass going?’. 


You guessed it – don’t yell the entire game – when you do yell – keep it positive, never humiliate a kid – you are the one that looks like a fool losing temper at kids.  Take notes for what you’d like to work on in practice.  Have Patience – treat the game as an opportunity to quiz your kids to see if they are getting it.  

Coaching Websites and Links


Log-in using username: UKIS and password: Soccer  
Download free coaching session plans for different ages and skills.

ONLINE SOCCER ACADEMY - Short easy to follow videos to show/teach individual techniques.

ONE HOUR SOCCER COACH - Blog developed by one of our former UK Soccer Camp Coaches - Ben Cole!

COACHING SOCCER WEEKLY - Weekly podcast with coaching diagrams, pointers, and lessons learned - large archive

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