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Official Rules of Play (4v4) No goalies

The skills focused on in U6 are individual dribbling and ball control.

U6 plays coed rec soccer against other Glendale Soccer Teams.  All games are held at Wyandotte School fields.  Mostly Sunday afternoon games, with some Saturdays to make up for any holiday games.  Typically 8 games in 6-8 weeks.  Spring season is April / May, Fall season is September / October.  Practices typically start 2-3 weeks before season.  Coaches will contact you after coaches meeting.

General Rules:

Canceling a game or practice:  The head coach is responsible for canceling a game or practice due to inclement weather conditions (always for lightning, at the coach's discretion for rain) and scheduling conflicts (school breaks, etc.).  Parents/guardians are asked to NOT leave the field area in case of weather or physical emergencies. 

The ball: Size three (3)

Number of Players:  The maximum number of players on the field at any one time is four (4).  The maximum number of players on the roster should not exceed six (8).  Teams and games are co-ed.  No team shall have less than two (2) of either gender.  The coach should make every effort so that every player shall play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time.

Equipment:  Athletic shoes or soft-cleated soccer shoes are recommended.  Shinguards are MANDATORY.  For insurance purposes, and player safety, all teams shall follow FIFA Law 4 - Equipment Safety - "A player must not use equipment or wear anything that is dangerous to him/herself or another player, including any kind of jewelry" (including post earrings). 

Player Positions: There are NO goalkeepers.  The positions are two forwards and two defenders.

Referee:  Rather than require a Certified Referee, team coaches will act as an official for games.  Their job is to keep the playing environment FUN, SAFE and focused on the child.  Duties are the same as a Referee: keep time, enforce the rules, stop and restart play.  When a play is stopped for a foul or other reason, the coach is advised to take the time to explain WHY to the players.  This is most players' first experience with soccer and the best time to educate all on the Laws of The Game.

Duration of the Game:  The game shall be divided into eight (4) equal, eight (8) minute periods.  There shall be a (5) minute break between each period.

Keeping Score:  U6 teams DO NOT keep score.  The emphasis is on learning and having fun.



Playing the Game: 

The Start of Play:  Two players from each team meet at the half (1/2) line and a player from the "offensive team", as determined by the coaches, begins play by kicking the ball to a teammate.  The opponents must be three (3) yards from the center mark while kick-off is in progress.

Ball in and out of play:  The ball must completely cross the line to be out of play.

Off-Side There is no off-side in small-sided games.

Fouls and Misconduct:  Coaches should protect all players by stopping play for pushing, tripping or un-sportsman like conduct.  Both coaches should be notified of any unsafe play.  No ejections shall be issued to players except by the player's coach or an independent neutral referee.

Free Kicks:  All free kicks will be indirect.  Opponents must be three (3) yards away.

Penalty Kicks:  There are no penalty kicks in small-sided games.

Throw-In A throw-in is awarded when the ball completely crosses the sideline.  A throw-in is considered an indirect free kick with the opponents three (3) yards away from the ball.

Goal Kick/Throw:  If the team attempting to score a goal kicks the ball over the goal line outside the goal posts, the opposing team puts the ball back into play with a goal kick/throw.  The goal kick/throw should be taken within 2-3 yards of the goal and opposing players must be 5-6 yards away.

Corner Kick:  If the team defending the goal last touches the ball before it crosses the goal line, the attacking team puts it into play with an indirect kick.  The opposing players must be 2-3 yards away.

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