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U19 (Under 19) plays Coed Rec Plus soccer in the NCRSL Recreational Soccer League.  We play against other Glendale Soccer Teams and other Recreational teams within a one hour drive of our area.  Half of the games are held at Wyandotte School (Home) fields, the others will be Away at other club fields.  Games are Saturdays and Sundays.  Typically 8 games in 5-6 weeks plus an end of season Recreational Tournament.  Spring season is April / May, Fall season is September / October.  Practices typically start 2-3 weeks before season.  Coaches will contact you after coaches meeting.

*Teams in this age bracket are co-ed in accordance with US Soccer recommendations.

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North Central Recreational Soccer League

Modified Laws Fall 2016

NCRSL Modified Laws may be modified by simple majority vote at the NCRSL league meeting prior to each season; each participating club receives one vote.  In addition, the NCRSL Leadership Committee will be set and approved by the clubs to implement the laws of the league and conduct the season.

NCRSL Leadership Committee will include League Commissioner, Operations Coordinator, Administrator, and Tournament Director.  At least one representative from a large club and one from a small club should be included in the four person committee.

FIFA Laws and Indiana Youth Soccer guidelines govern all games with the following provisions:


1.       All players must be registered with Indiana Youth Soccer (IYS) as Rec Plus, a signed roster will be provided to the NCRSL Leadership Committee at the start of each season.

2.       IYS player cards are not required for league games.  Each team should be registered in gotsoccer and rosters should be available if questioned.  Each Club is responsible for ensuring their rosters are complete and accurate:

a.       U19 and U16 teams may roster to 22 players (may use up to three U17 players to complete rosters for U16).

b.       U14 teams may roster to 18 players (may use up to three U15 players to complete rosters for U14).

c.       U12 teams may roster to 15 players. 

d.       Teams may use guest players from other NCRSL rosters during the regular season if needed, but players will only be allowed on one roster and to participate with one team for tournaments.

3.       Teams will be formed on a first come first basis without tryouts (except to create balanced teams) and without cuts.

4.       The NCRSL is a recreational soccer league. Player development and enjoyment of the game are the primary goals of the league. Every effort should be made by coaches to ensure that players participate in at least 50 percent of the game.

5.       In the spirit of player development and enjoyment - If a team does not have a full roster at game time, they may request that the other team also play with less players or loan players to the other team. 


6.       Any player who receives a red card ejection is also required to sit out the next game.  Any violation of this rule will result in the suspension of the player and coach for the remainder of the season.  It is the responsibility of the ejected player’s club to enforce this policy.  Ejections must be reported to the NCRSL Leadership Committee within 24 hours.

7.       A player receiving two sent offs (ejections) during a season shall be suspended for the next two succeeding games after the second ejection and will be reported to the NCRSL Leadership Committee to determine what further action may be necessary.

8.       A player receiving three ejections shall be suspended for the balance of the season, including ALL NCRSL tournament games.

9.       A player receiving 3 cautions (yellow cards) during the course of the season will be equal to an ejection (red card) with all penalties involved.

10.   If an ejection occurs during the last game of the season, the suspension will carry over to the player’s next season’s NCRSL sanctioned game, whether it is in NCRSL regular season game or end of season tourney. All ejections are reported to the NCRSL Leadership Committee.

11.   Physical-assault by a player or any other person on a referee or other game official shall result in expulsion of that person for at least a one year minimum, pending a hearing by the NCRSL Leadership Committee and Indiana Soccer disciplinary committee. 

12.   Physical-assault by a player or any other person on another player, coach, or team official shall result in the expulsion of that player for the remainder of that season and up to two years, pending a hearing by the NCRSL Leadership Committee and Indiana Soccer disciplinary committee.

League Play

13.   Each player must have a matching jersey with a unique number on the back.  The home team will change jerseys for uniforms with similar colors.

14.   Players will play in their appropriate age group as determined at the NCRSL annual meeting.

15.   If a team shows up with less than suggested number of players to play on the field during regular season games, the following applies:

a.       The team with the fewer players may request that the other team play equal.  It is their option to play equal sides.

b.       The team with most players must then:

                                                               i.      loan the opposing team players, or

                                                             ii.      play down to the number of players on the opposing team.

16.   The league will only track scores and standings for divisional match-ups and tournament seeding.  There are no regular season championships, while we want the teams to be competitive; this is recreational league emphasizing personal and team development, fun, and sportsmanship.

17.   Running up the score is considered un-sporting.  If a team has a 6-goal advantage the team is to take appropriate steps to control the ball and slow the game.  Teams that "run up" the score may be dropped from the league.  Suggested ways to make the game more competitive:

·         Allow losing team to add players.

·         Remove players from winning team.

·         Add restrictions to winning team such as left foot, number of passes, etc.


18.   Any problems with teams or individual players should be forwarded to the NCRSL Leadership Committee.

19.   Match duration for league games will be according to the following with no overtimes or shots from the penalty mark for games ending in a tie, unless otherwise agreed upon by the clubs and coaches involved - then shots from the penalty mark may be used to determine the outcome of a game ending in a tie:

Division                                Halves for regular season                                 

U19                                                      40 minutes

U16                                                      40 minutes

U14                                                      35 minutes

U12                                                      30 minutes

20.   Substitutions will be unlimited and may occur during the following:

a.       Before a throw-in in your favor, or when both teams are substituting on a throw-in.

b.       After a goal by either team.

c.       Before a goal kick by either team.

d.       At half-time or before the start of any overtime period.

e.       In case of injury or stoppage of play – with the referee’s permission.

f.        At the discretion of the Referee.

21.   Co-ed teams must have 3 female players on the field at all times during game play.   A team with less than 3 female players will play down one player for each female player missing.

22.   Teams failing to show for league games without 24 hour notice will be responsible for fees incurred from officials or other game related expenses.

23.   Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents and spectators.  Please help us make sure everyone has an enjoyable time and a great experience competing in the NCRSL.  All players and coaches shall be on one side of the field opposite from the parents and spectators.  Players and coaches shall remain on their own half of the sideline.  No coaches or parents are permitted behind either goal.

24.   Heading

a.       All players, U12 and U13 are limited to a maximum of 30 minutes of heading training per week, and will further limit each player to a maximum of 20 headers per week.

b.       All players, U11 and younger who play on a U12 or older team should not head the ball in training or games. [Compliance with this initiative is the coach’s responsibility.]

c.       Referees will enforce heading restrictions as per the age-level of the contest. [Individual player compliance with the aforementioned heading restrictions is the coach’s responsibility.]

d.       NCRSL Rules acknowledge the challenges with coaching and refereeing the U12 heading rules in NCRSL league play where U-10, U-11 and U12 players may be on the field at the same time.  Therefore, all U12 coaches are encouraged to coach all players in the same manner emphasizing that player in U12 should be trained to play the ball from the air through means other than headers such as chest trap.

e.       All players, U12 or U13 who play on a U14 team or older will comply with the aforementioned U12 and U13 heading restrictions of limits to a maximum of 30 minutes of heading training per week, and will further limit each player to a maximum of 20 headers per week.



25.   Teams must be registered at least 24 days prior to the start of the season.

26.   The league will fully schedule all the games 17 days prior to the start of the season.

27.   Teams must be registered at least 24 days prior to the start of the season.

28.   Final schedules will be complete at least 10 days prior to the start of the season.

29.   Late teams may be included on the “adjusted schedule,” but they will lose the first two games of the season.

30.   Games will be scheduled initially according to the following guidelines:

a.       U19 games between 9:00 AM and 2:00 PM

b.       U16 games between 10:30 AM and 3:30 PM

c.       U14 games between 12:30 PM and 4:30 PM

d.       U12 games between 12:30 PM and 4:30 PM

31.   Each team is allowed two blackout dates for the season.  The blackout dates must be reported to the NCRSL Leadership Committee when the team is registered or by the deadline date posted for the season.

32.   Clubs may request special considerations for the schedule based upon club-wide needs prior to the team registration deadline.

33.   Games must be rescheduled through GotSoccer, the home referee assignor, the home field coordinator, and the league scheduler.  Once the final schedule has been posted, games may only be rescheduled for the following reasons:

a.       Fields or referees are unavailable on the designated day/time;

b.       School functions will prevent your team from having the minimum number of players to play the game (academic functions, not other school sports);

c.       One-time special events of other social or religious groups will prevent your team from having the minimum number of players to play the game; or

d.       Weather or field condition related cancellations.

34.   With the exception of weather or field condition related cancellations, reschedules must be requested at least ten (10) days prior to the scheduled playing date. Games canceled due to weather should be rescheduled as quickly as possible so that standings are correct for tournament seeding.

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